In Llanrumney I have campaigned for more resources to tackle issues associated with crime and antisocial behaviour, and the expansion of community facilities.

I have worked closely with Llanrumney Phoenix Boxing Club. The club do excellent work with youth services and partners across Cardiff and are also working with South Wales police to help hundreds of young people in the constituency. The club play a crucial role in the community and I have been proud to support their move to a new location over the last few years with better facilities and continue to support them in their applications for further funding.

I have also been a strong supporter of the re-developnent of Llanrumney Hall, and was delighted to visit to see the new facilities recently.

I have also been involved in a number of community focused events that take place each year. The annual summer fete and annual senior citizens Christmas meal organised by Llanrumney Forum are just two examples of the fantastic events that I am proud to support, as well as the work of New Hope Community Church and others. Alongside this, I have consistently worked hard on other local issues including strongly opposing Royal Mail’s decision to close Llanrumney delivery office.

We needed a major improvement in education in the East of our city, and so worked with our local Councillors and Assembly Member to ensure the opening and brilliant new start of Eastern High, as well as being a supporter of the campaign to save Llanrumney Rec when the former administration on the Council wanted to build on it. I am also a regular visitor to St Illtyd’s and support others working to improve opportunities for our young people.